I used to think that through process I used the rules of formal order to manipulate or control the images I created. Now I tend to think that my mission is more about negotiating with chaos. To me it is a fluid process where decisions are made based on lessons learned. Every piece I finish raises questions that can only be answered within the context of another work. This is fine with me because I have always enjoyed the process.

When I walk into a gallery or museum I tend to first gaze around the room in an effort to find a work that stands out from the others. Approaching the work I look for something to linger upon. Allowing the work to lead me throughout the piece.

With this in mind I try to create works that interest me. If they have this influence on me then I feel that I have been successful.

I like to find order in my work. I try to establish a movement that leads the eye. Then I try to create something that will entertain the eye on its excursion throughout the piece. I do this by establishing clean hard edges that defines the form and movement and contrasting textures that interrupts the surface of the image.

-Ted Krone